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Dereks Walks

Here is the full list of Dereks walks.

Half Day or Between Meal Walks

These short walks are across Essex. Click here for the full listing and here for an overview of the walks aross the county

Click the link next to the walk name to download details of the walk.

No. Start Link Mileage
1 Bounstead Grove CP Bounstead Grove 5.4
2 Brightlingsea B1029 near Brightlingsea Hall Brightlingsea 5
3 Alresford Pointer Bus Stop Alresford 7
4 Layer Breton Lower Road Bus Stop Layer Breton 5.7
5 East Donyland Wood Layby East Donyland 5
6 East Donyland Wood Layby West Donyland 5
7 East Mersea, Stone CP East Mersea 5
8 Foxash Cross Layby Foxash 5.8
9 Crouch End Green Bus Stop Castle Hedingham 8
10 Gun Hill layby, Langham Gun Hill 5
11 Hayes Green Road, Layer Marney Layer Marney 4.6
12 Chanterelle Car Park Myland Highwoods -
13 Highfields Road, Kelvedon Kelvedon 5
14 Conyfield Wood, Messing Messing 4.6
15 Mistley Walls Mistley 5
16 Stourwood CP Ramsey 5
17 Tollesbury Woodrolfe Car Park Tollesbury 8
18 Layer Marney Smythe Green Layer Marney 7.8
19 West Mersea Barrow Hill Bus Stop West Mersea 7.8
20 Boxted Mill Bridge Boxted 7.4
21 Arger Fen Arger Fen 7.7
22 Fairstead Church Fairstead 8
23 Feering Hill Sun Feering 7.8
24 Stutton Stutton 7.8
25 Catawade Picnic Site Catawade 8
26 Salcott Cross Bus Shelter Salcott 9


Wash to Channel Overview

The Wash to Channel Walk did not start and the beginning and continue through the middle until we got to the end. We were not even all the smae people every day.  The bulk of it was done as part of 4 week-long holidays; 1.2 in Norfolk plus 1 in Kent and 1 in Sussex.  The remainder were done as serial walks e.g. a Thursday here, a Wednesday there, wherever a hole appeared in the programme we filled it.  Most got into the Tendring  programme, but Colchester were more hestitant.  Some found out via Tendring members and came anyway.  We eere  persuing The Saint Edmund Walk a day a month moving northwards.  During one of the intervals we, Jessie and I, met Ron P of Thurrock Group at one of the Area Hundreds. “Were we likely to do the Peddars Way?” he asked.  He had walked from Beachey Head to Thetford, but his companions did not fancy a trot across Norfolk to Hunstanton.   He should not have thrown a gaunlet down in front of Jessie Keeble.  "We can do it” she mused, " After Brandon on the Saint Edmund Way."   So we did Peddars to help Ron, then took his advice hoofed it to Beachy Head too.

I have produced this 2018 record of it, because it was great fun a. finding the time to do it, and b. actually atending daily mobile socials whilst absorbing the Norfolk Landscape, The Brecklands, Thetford Forest, The Suffolk Bread & Beet Basket, several of the joys found along  Jonathon’s Journey in Essex, a cute flotation across the Thames plus two lots of four days traversing the South and North Downs plus The Weald, the medway valley and Ashdown Forest where Pooh Sticks were duly played.Back-up was by twenty-eight examples of Two-car trickery.

Events like these seem to be in short supply now.  I am sure modern ramblers will do this sort of adventure much better than we did, despite an increase in the price of petrol.  Kevn C serialised The Saffron Way approximately a Sunday a month till it was done, and Peter P did The Suffolk Way every other Wednesday from Flatford to Lowestoft.  Both were early this century I believe.  Has there been much since?   The Mucking Ugley Ways through Messing, Essex is a lot more than a joke; it visits some many examples of medieval settlement architecture.  Go with friends and have fun. 

 No.  Route  Link  kms
1 Hunstanton to Holme Hunstanton  5
2 Holme to Fring Holme 13
3 Fring to West Acre Fring 16
4 West Acre to South Pickenham West Acre 19
5 South Pickenham to Hockham Heath South Pickenham 16
6 Hockham Heath to Knettishall Heath Hockham Heath 13
7 Knettishall Heath to Elvedon Knettishall Heath 16
8 Elvedon to Culford Elvedon 18
9 Culford to Sicklesmere Culford 15
10 Sicklesmere to Lavenham Sicklesmere 16
11 Lavenham to Sudbury Lavenham 15
12 Sudbury to Bures Hamlet Sudbury 15
13 Bures Hamlet to Nayland Bures Hamlet 15
14 Nayland to Earls Clone Nayland 18
15 Earls Colne to Witham Earls Colne 16
16 Witham to Danbury Witham 16
17 Danbury to Rawreth Danbury 17
18 Rawreth to Benfleet Rawreth 17
19 Benfleet to Corringham Benfleet 16
20 Corringham to East Tilbury Corringham 13
21 East Tilbury to Meopham East Tilbury 14
22 Meopham to Mereworth Meopham 19
23 Mereworth to Haysden Mereworth 20
24 Haysden to Balls Green Haysden 16
25 Balls Green to Five Ash Down Balls Green 17
26 Five Ash Down to Chiddingly Five Ash Down 18
27 Chiddingly to Wilmington Chiddingly 19
28 Wilmington to Beachy Head Wilmington 15


Short and Slow Saunters

Here's a series of short and slow walks. Click here for the full listing. All walks are between 3 and 4 kms


No  Start Link
1 George Public House Witham


Derek has also provided details of another 18 walks in Essex. Click here to download the pdf file.

Here are some additional ideas for more long distance walks..

Circular walks around the counties of the South East and East Anglia. Click here to download the walk descriptions and here to download outline maps

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