Colchester Ramblers

Incident Report Form

It's essential that you report all incidents on Ramblers walks and other activities, even if they result in no or only minor injuries. Please use the form on our website, under the Resources Menu. The main purposes for completing a form are -

  • Insurance purposes (although we all walk “at our own risk”)
  • The ability for Head Office to collate national/regional data regarding any particular problems (eg if a large percentage concerns poorly maintained wooden stiles, they may be able to put pressure on Local Authorities to install (more) metal kissing gates or if a large percentage involve animals such as cattle, this may  require better/updated advice for members

It provides the necessary information to  allow us to then report any “infrastructure” defects (eg broken handrails) to the PROW people at ECC (thus helping to maintain both the staffing levels at ECC and the footpaths themselves in good order).

To download the latest form click here and select "Incident report form 2016 2017"

Thursday, January 17, 2019