Colchester Ramblers

Guidance for Walkers

Responsibility. All walks are 'at your own risk'. Neither the Ramblers Association, nor the Leader can accept responsibility for accidents or injury to, or damage caused by, any walker during an organised activity. All accidents must be reported to a walk leader as soon as possible.

Start Time. Please note that the times stated are for the start of the walk. Walkers should arrive early so as to allow plenty of time for parking, booting up etc, so as not to keep others waiting.

Walking Etiquette. If you like to walk at the front with the leader, please do not walk on if they are waiting for others to catch up, as this mar the enjoyment for those at the back. It also puts unnecessary pressure on the leader. When walking please look back from time to time, especially when changing direction, to make sure that those following behind have seen which way to go, otherwise there is a danger of the group being split and some members becoming lost. Walkers are reminded that they should not lag too far behind, or they may lose touch with, or delay the group.

Transport. Walkers are expected to make their own transport arrangements wherever possible. If you are unable to do so, and require a lift, please contact the leader in advance, who will try to arrange a lift. Last minute requests are very difficult to arrange. It is customary when car sharing to contribute a minimum of £2.00 to the driver.

Refreshments. Drinks and bar snacks are usually available at lunchtime unless otherwise stated. please do not embarrass your leader or publican by consuming your own food in pubs or pub gardens unless permission has been given. Own drinks are never allowed. Refreshment stops are also taken 'on the hoof' mid morning and mid afternoon. Come prepared and have extra fluid on hot days.

Mud. Please try to avoid taking mud inside a pub. It is customary to take your boots off outside, or cover them with something protective. Tesco bags look silly, but the gesture is appreciated by landlords.

Dogs. Members may bring dogs on walks, provided that they are kept on leads at all times, and that permission has been obtained in advance from the leader.

Maps. The Ramble Secretary holds a library of laminated 1:25 000 Explorer O.S. maps. These may be loaned to members for a deposit of £1.00. The Ramble Secretary also holds the programmes of walks of other Essex groups. There are also still some Colchester Ramblers’ badges left. These can be obtained from the Treasurer for £2.00.

Clothing. Walkers are advised to have suitable clothing and footwear appropriate to the conditions and time of year.

Fields. Walkers are reminded that they are expected to stay in single file when negotiating field-edge or cross-field footpaths, and not stray all over the field – unless the path is obstructed.

Roads. Please remember the rules when walking along stretches of public roads, and especially on bends. The recommendations in the Highway Code are explained on page 5 of the newsletter, and we are expected to adhere to them!

Footpath Problems. Make a note of the problems and fill in as much as you can. See the Footpath Problem page for more information.

Sunday, December 16, 2018