Colchester Ramblers

Footpath Problems

The simplest way to report faults on Essex Public Rights of Way (PRoW) these days is on the internet.

First way: here is the link

You can now report directly to a PRoW on the new reporting tool

If you forget that, go to the Essex County Council home page and click "Report it", then "report a Highways problem", then "any other problem".

Either method will bring up the reporting screen, then you pick "Public Rights of Way (Countryside)" from the first drop-down box.

The second box is defect type. The third you enter a place.

Then a map comes up and you have to click on a nearby publically maintainable road - this is the stupid bit which we cannot get them to fix! Note that the PRoW Officers all know why you have to click nearby and not actually where the problem is.

Add an accurate location, full problem details, photos or other documents and your name and contact details if you want them to get back to you.

Make a note of the CONFIRM number which you are given in case you need to follow up

Thursday, January 17, 2019